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Good night moon

I went for a walk this evening. A delightful walk around the block in the cool of the evening, just before the sun set.

I took the dog, of course. One does look a little bit odd walking alone. Jogging, yes, that is perfectly acceptable; but a short walk around the block is best accomplished with either young children, of which I have none, or a dog.

It was magical outside tonight. I saw a family of ducks – mum, dad and several ducklings. They waddled very swiftly away from me and my dangerous (!) beast, and a few of the ducklings couldn’t quite manage to get up the gutter. They were adorable! I also saw three (three!) brush-turkeys (or do you call them bush-turkeys, I never know which name is right?) in three separate front yards. It must be the time of night when they emerge from the bush (or is it brush?) and hope to find some delicious morsels to eat.

The weather was hot today, and the gardenias are in bloom, and everything around me tells me that it’s not long until Christmas. And yet, thankfully, none of my neighbours have their “Santa, please stop here!” signs out yet, or their Christmas lights blazing. Thank goodness! I must still have a little bit of time to get my act together!

I’m not working tomorrow. My contract has finished, my stretch of full time work has come to an end. That being the case, Sunday night has a different feel to it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have a million things to do tomorrow. But I’m thankful that I will have the freedom to accomplish those million things in my own time and at my own pace.


Good night everyone. Sleep well, and may tomorrow be full of blessings.


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