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Master task avoider at work

How’s my bathroom? – I guess you’re all wondering – see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Well, in an awesome attempt to avoid doing any actual work, I visited Bunnings today. While I was there I bought a “shower caddy” for all our shampoos and whatnots so they’re not lined up along the bottom of the shower recess and along the top of the shower screen. That’s progress, right? (Ummm…I should tell you that I haven’t actually transferred the stuff into the caddy yet, but I plan to!)

I also gathered quite a collection of paint chips for Alana.


You see, while I avoid work in favour of thinking about it, Chris actually just gets straight in and does it. Over the last couple of weeks he’s managed to build a couple of new walls in Alana’s bedroom and fit sliding doors to create a built-in wardrobe. Yes, I know, he’s fabulous!


(Sorry about the dreadful photos. I am trying to show the new wardrobe without invading Alana’s privacy by showing any of her bedroom. Very difficult when the wardrobe doors are mirrored.)

Anyway…Alana’s room is ready for a makeover. She knows what colours she likes, so we’re just about at the stage of getting some sample paint pots.

(By the way, I’m aware that the colour chips I have are quite strong and probably won’t work for all over the walls. These are the colours that Alana loves, so we’re going to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps we’ll choose a lighter shade of one of these, or perhaps we’ll paint the walls white and use linen and accessories for pops of colour.)

While I was at Bunnings I also picked up some information about repainting tiles, because the tiles in my bathroom are grey (yes, grey!) and I just don’t think anything I do in there will look good while ever the tiles are grey. So, in a triumph of inaction I have managed to create another task to be done without making any actual progress on the job at hand. Yay me!

Now I’m going to go and chop vegies for dinner tonight – procrastinating again instead of doing some cleaning in the bathroom!

I wonder why it is that almost any other task seems more appealing than the one that I know I really should be doing? Why is it that I am resisting so strongly? What is it about this job that causes me to avoid it so stubbornly? In my head I know that it won’t kill me to get in there and do a little bit of scrubbing. My inner child, however, says, “I don’t wanna!”. (By the way, my inner child has a very whiny voice.)

Isn’t it strange that some jobs don’t seem like hard work at all. Others, I can roll up my sleeves and get stuck in to when required. But a few tasks seem so onerous that they make me die a little bit.

How about you? Are you an experienced task-avoider like me?

And to my wonderful son, who looks like he’s being led to the gallows when homework is mentioned, I’m sorry. I think I actually do understand how you feel. And you probably get it from me.


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