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Full of blessings

Lately my life has been chock full of blessings. That’s the way I like to think about it.

Sometimes I can fall into the trap of thinking of my blessings as burdens. Does that ever happen to you?

Today I struggled with getting three job applications written and submitted. It seemed like a lot of hard work, writing well-considered responses to the selection criteria and making sure that my resume was up to date. Poor me! Not what I wanted to be spending my time on this morning.

I allowed my thoughts to head down a negative path, and pretty soon I was feeling overwhelmed. What a mistake!

What a blessing that there are three jobs going that I have the opportunity to apply for! What a blessing that I’m only working part time at the moment and had some free time to concentrate on my applications while everyone else was at work and school! What a blessing that I have casual work available to keep me going while I continue to look for a permanent job! What a blessing that I have training and skills that allow me to do meaningful work that is enjoyable and challenging and makes a positive difference in people’s lives!

I’m so glad that I realised the mistake that I was making and turned my day around! Now the applications are submitted and I’m in a positive frame of mind to enjoy the rest of the blessings in my day.

Visiting the student art exhibition at Alana’s school. I’m so looking forward to seeing her landscape painting and all the other artworks!


Taking Josh to the orthodontist for some pictures and moulds to be taken. What a blessing to have access to such wonderful health care, and to be in the fortunate position of being capable of paying off “extras” like braces!


Working with a mathematics student. I really enjoy the challenge of working with high school students studying the higher level courses, there’s plenty of exciting stuff for us to get our teeth into!

Eventually, the family will all find themselves at home tonight, back from their adventures at school, dancing, work and gymnastics. I pray that I will be able to be a great blessing to them.



One comment on “Full of blessings

  1. Lynda Humphries
    August 28, 2012

    Love it! Just what I needed to read. Thanks for the reminder. We all need to remember that sometimes.

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