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Randomness and coffee

A random thought for today…

You know that you’re getting old, and that your skin is losing elasticity, when five hours after a swim you’re still sporting goggle marks around your eyes. Either that, or your goggles are too tight.

I tried to take a photo of myself to demonstrate the goggle marks but the results were not pretty!

In other news, I have a wonderful husband!

Chris is always bidding on random pieces of crap delightful bits and pieces on eBay. I think it’s a common husbandly sort of pastime, closely related to visiting garage sales and perusing the classifieds in the local newspaper.

Anyway… today I arrived home from doing the grocery shopping, and what did I behold on my kitchen bench but this…


I knew that it was highly unlikely that reverse burglars had done a spot of breaking and entering to leave me a present; so I deduced that Chris had been successful in winning it on eBay and had already picked it up and dropped it in at home to surprise me! What a man!

He also sent me a text saying

Do you want to try it?

To which I replied

Nah I’ll let you work it out 🙂

Me being not really a technical genius and preferring to let Chris tackle tricky things like using machinery.

To which he replied

ok it is very simple. I will show you tonight and we will make one together if you like.

Are we cute or what???

So we’re going to have a romantic date tonight in the kitchen making coffee.



2 comments on “Randomness and coffee

  1. Chris Smith
    May 25, 2012

    The coffee will keep you awake all night 🙂 Lucky you and enjoy your coffee!

  2. Dillypoo
    May 25, 2012

    Very jealous! If I’m lucky, The Professor will share one of his veggie/fruit juice concoctions with the juicer Santa gave him last Christmas.

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