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Why WordPress?

Anyone here because they popped over from my old blog?

Hey there! I see you waving *waves back*.

Welcome to my “new” blog. It’s really just a continuation of the old one that was hosted by Blogger, only now I’m hosted by WordPress.

Why the change?

Since Christmas I’ve been using my iPad almost exclusively for everything that I used to use my laptop for. Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogging. I love my iPad.

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t have an iPad app and blogging via the regular website in Safari has left a lot to be desired. I’ve had a lot of trouble inserting images, and I’ve had Blogger lose whole drafts multiple times (despite saving). I’ve been finding the whole thing very frustrating, and the difficulty of posting from the iPad has definitely contributed to the lack of posts over the past few months.

The other day I decided to give the WordPress iPad app a go and see how it works. And thus I ended up creating a new blog.

So how’s the app? (I hear you ask.)

Well it’s not bad, but it’s pretty basic. It allows me to edit posts, pages and comments, and to check my statistics. I can’t use it to actually look at my blog or to make adjustments to the design. All that has to be done via the web. And not all of that works on the iPad either. (You can’t “drag and drop” page elements and widgets on an iPad like you do using a mouse.) I’ll definitely still need to crack open the laptop from time to time to get everything the way that I want it. But the good news is that my posts are not disappearing into thin air, so I’m going to stick with it.

If you used to follow my Blogger blog then I suggest that you head over to the right hand side of the page and click on “Entries RSS” under “Meta”. That way you can add this blog to your RSS reader and never miss any of my pearls of wisdom!



2 comments on “Why WordPress?

  1. Dillypoo
    April 4, 2012

    I wondered what was going on! Does this mean you’re going to blog more frequently?

  2. Joe
    April 7, 2012

    I agree wordpress makes it so easy to do a basic website. I had an account with Blogger but switched over about two years ago.

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